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Firefox Add-Ons

January 8, 2009 · No Comments

Friday January 9th (Tomorrow) Paul Doty of the SLU Libraries (and author of this blog) will be giving a presentation on Firefox add-ons for the Northern New York Library Network.  In the past Odyssey Online has touched on Firefox add-ons (or as they are sometimes called, extensions), which are small utilities Firefox users have created to further the functionality of the browsers. The notes for the presentation on the 9th are available online. Add-ons are on of the big reasons that Firefox is the better browser…although, interestingly, Google’s new browser Chrome is dipping a metallic toe into the add-on pond (wow, there’s a metaphor).  Add-on support and functionality are in the very preliminary stages for Chrome, but it is interesting to see that Google is thinking along these lines.  Firefox add-ons are simply put: very good things.

In a side note CNN is reporting that Microsoft may already be rethinking Vista

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