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More Kindle Thinking

March 2, 2009 · No Comments

…having heard Kindles being warmly praised at a cocktail part this weekend, I find a couple of things on Kindle technology Monday morning…Seth Godin (who I just linked to with good advice about networking) has some good advice for Amazon.com about how to vision Kindle, I like his suggestion that Amazon ask it’s customers “how can you use this platform to create a new business model?” (rather than augment a model). However, Farhad Manjoo writes that Amazon has implemented a number of onerous restrictions on book buyers, or, those content for their Kindle. In a word, to Kindle means to use Amazon to the exclusion of anyone else, to Kindle is to kill the concept of the “used book.” The Used Book, see, Birch Bark Books, Colton New York.

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