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The Case for Twitter as Fad

March 10, 2009 · No Comments

…while it could just be the lousy weather, or that I have yet another birthday looming, I feel a need to vent against mobile communcation technologies.  This is partially inspired by coming across this Conor Friedersdorf essay that argues Twitter is a Fad, is the Myspace of 2009.  From my wonderful people-watching office in ODY, there are times of day that the commencement quad is nothing but people walking (some in circles) and talking into something. Or looking down at something that has little buttons they are thumbing. Why the urgent need to communicate–or, better yet, why the aversion to walking in silence. When I talk outloud while walking I make sure to be communicating with only myself (I do talk to myself a trifle much), and I simply cannot for the life of me think about how a cross campus saunter could be bad…so my advice to any and all today is to go for a walk and talk wth no one…

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