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May 6, 2009 · No Comments

…with finals almost done, here at Odyssey Online we can turn our attention to summer blogging. This summer what we’re going to do is play the role of the reader’s advisor. So a couple of times every week we’ll have, from someone, recommendations on good summertime reading. We’re not limiting to stuff bibliographical, titles will come from across the sceptrum of books and will hopefully help fill drowsey summer afternoons by the beach or in the hammock!

…so, to begin with, Jim Harrison. Harrison is a well known novelist, his books bestsellers, and his novella Legends of the Fall the basis for the movie of the same name. However, Harrison started his writing career as a poet, and his latest two books of poetry show Harrison the poet at his best.  Saving Daylight is a 2006 Copper Canyon Press publication and absolutely captures Harrison’s narrative poetic voice.  Another recent and fun title is a book he wrote with Ted Kooser titled Braided Creek A Conversation in Poetry which is made up of the haikus and haiku-like poems the two men have been sending eachother over the years.  Both books are well worth a look…

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