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Virtual Farming In Facebook

December 2nd, 2009 · Comments Off on Virtual Farming In Facebook

…there has always been something about the Internet that is, well, weird.  There has always been something about the Internet that prompts people to do weird things.  Back at the end of the nineties there was a web mega-site called The Center for the Easily Amused where one could, for example, visit the Psychic Ant Farm. You asked ants a question and in a online glass case they formed out an answer.  This was the day of the this-is-me-this-is-my-cat web pages, and I remember reading somewhere an author pondering these by asking whether the owners of these web pages would you put up a billboard in your yard with a picture of your family, contact information, and all their assorted personal interests? No, of course not, but you’ll do it online…

…all of this by way of introduction to Virtual Farming in Facebook. I know someone who does this, daily, and likes it a lot…in Atlantic Magazine Dave Thier had this interesting commentary, the Strange Appeal of Virtual Farming

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