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E-Book Prices

February 8, 2010 · No Comments

…Virginia Postrel has an interesting piece in Atlantic Online about e-book prices, arguing that “E-books aren’t really cheap.” Frankly, I can’t get past the faint cold fear that e-books are going to all about control, and that we are going to find the purveyors of e-books putting all kind of stipulations and restrictions on e-book content that simply don’t (can’t) exist with print books.  I can’t get by the faint cold fear that the companies like Google, Amazon, etc., treat all text as information and that in this scenario Catcher in the Rye is treated as being identical to an advertisement that the opportunity to possess the e-version of this text won’t exist in any meaningful way.  I ccccoooouuuulllldddd be wrong…

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