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Facebook Users Using Privately

May 18, 2010 · No Comments

…or at least showing some considerable awareness that Facebook activity has privacy implications.  Two interesting pieces in the New York Times by Sarah Maslin Nir and Laura Holson chronicle young Facebook enthusiasts making very deliberate decisions about what they put online.  It all rings as good news these kids thinking about their futures through privacy savvy.

However, in thinking about the sum total of networked information technology that the whole concept of privacy is going through a significant change, a change with cultural breadth, and a change that ends up with privacy-lite as the norm, particularly if you accept that privacy is the ability to control who has access to personal information.  To a certain extent the articles linked here demonstrate individuals doing just that…exerting control…but to do so they have to game the system. The system isn’t set up for them to control personal information.  Perhaps the ability to control personal information was never one held in both hands, but a memory can’t be hacked…that has to mean something…

…neither of course, can an abacus…

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