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Friday Blogging, Henry David Thoreau

May 28, 2010 · No Comments

…partly because my seventeen year old son is writing a fifteen page paper on Thoreau’s legacy, and partly because I’ve been a lifelong reader of Henry David Thoreau, I thought we’d do a little Thoreau blogging.  I’ve just finished Robert Sullivan’s book The Thoreau You Don’t Know: What the Prophet of Environmentalism Really Meant, and it’s excellent: witty, insightful, a marvelous personal reflection on Thoreau.  With that in mind, and with summer reading season officially open, below is a list of editions of Walden and other writings, along with newer titles about Thoreau:

Great way to start the summer. ODY is closed over the Memorial Day weekend, but open again on June First.  Because of various teaching and bibliographic commitments Odyssey Online is going to be dormant until June Seventh, but then we’ve got some great summer blogging planned. Until then…

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