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June 17, 2010 · No Comments

Years ago in the days before the World Wide Web, someone described the Internet as “an organization run by nobody.”  Like the Internet, the Creative Commons is venture driven by interested parties, not a platform for a person on persons with one point of view.  However, if you had to a identify a spokes-person for the CC, it would be Lawrence Lessig.  Lessig’s work on intellectual property and digital technologies evolved into what we now understand as the Creative Commons.

Lessig is an active speaker and writer. He was  recently announced a hiatus from blogging, but his blog site is still a venue for publishing a great deal of his material.    We have a number of his books in the collection (Free Culture, The Future of Ideas, and Remix). Further, if you venture to Facebook and search his name, you’ll see Lawrence Lessig’s Facebook page, where he has posted, among other things, video of several talks he’s given. If you are interested in the CC, it’s worth the time to get to know Lessig’s work.

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