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July 19, 2010 · No Comments

…when thinking about what the CC is trying to do with/for digital mediums, one should think about open source computing, and what open source is trying to accomplish.  A seminal figure in the creation of open source programs is Richard Stallman, who developed GNU, and open source operating system.  Along with his incredible work as a programmer (see Rebel Code: The Inside Story of Linux and the Open Source Revolution by Glynn Moody for a lucid description of Stallman’s work and accomplishments…) he is the author of the Free Software Definition.  While the title is exceedingly prosaic, this is in fact one of the most important statements for access to software as a right, as an essential part of living in our society.  If you are interested in thinking about ownership and access to media this short document should receive careful review, and certainly figures into thinking about the CC…

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