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Blogging Again, Google Anon

September 29, 2010 · No Comments

…not that that last post on dictionaries required this much rest, but, indeed, I’ve been amiss with blogging here, but, with this post, am getting back in the game.  What better to get back in the game with then Google!  Google just turned twelve (I’m fond of pointing out when I do presentations on G that for all of its cultural significance it’s younger than three of my four children…), and with this birthday comes the Google instant search, which the company claims knocks two seconds off every Google search (if I did the math I’m sure I could tell how quickly I’d get to a day from two seconds a search).   The Toronto Globe and Mail is also reporting that the instant search comes complete with a Blacklist, that is words which will no longer bring back any results.  The intention is to prevent accidental encounters with pornography, but one can’t help but think back on George Carlin, and his “seven words you can’t say on T.V.” routine…

…on a somewhat different track at Slate Farhad Manjoo has an interesting contemplation of the extensive (obsessive?) press coverage that Apple and Google receive…

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