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January 12, 2012 · No Comments

…ah, the freezing rain and snow is falling and what better than to, by the light and warmth of a computer monitor or iPad, read poems. Or articles about books? Or author interviews?  With the weather not fit for an outdoor trod, here is a short list of places to find good reads, and not reprints of that in print, independent Internet publications:

  • Harriet: Blog of the Poetry Foundation
    The blog from the publishers of Poetry, arguably the nation’s preeminent poetry quarterly, a great source for news and commentary on contemporary poetry, also provides a link to the incredible library of poems that the Poetry Foundation keeps online.
  • Failbetter
    First rate online literary journal–Failbetter publishes fiction, poems, and author interviews.  As good as any of the literary quarterly’s we take here in ODY, a great thing to curl up with these wintery days ahead.
  • A Public Space
    What we just wrote for Failbetter also goes for A Public Space.
  • Bookslut
    A great collection of book reviews, news on authors and forthcoming books, and author interviews.
  • The Daily Beast: Books
    Articles on forthcoming books, author profiles, and lots of recommended reading lists.
  • 18 Rants by Mark Twain About Bad Writing
    What better use of the Internet than ranting, and what better ranter than Mark Twain. Not only does the article have these gems from Twain but a nice summary in the introductory paragraph of recent articles on books and reading in The Atlantic.

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