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Facebook and Privacy

January 25, 2012 · No Comments

Use Facebook?  Okay, who doesn’t –but while I bet you do know that Facebook keeps some information about what you do whilst your at Facebook.com, you probably didn’t know that every single click you make as been saved, cataloged, and sold to who-knows-who.  An Austrian law student named Max Schrems managed to get the complete file Facebook has on him, and it totaled 1,222 pages.  Perhaps Max spends a lot of time on Facebook but I’m flabbergasted that anyone can compile a 1,222 page dossier on anybody…a definite moment to pause.

And read!  Facebook certainly has become a subject for commentary on both the evolution of the Internet and what an information economy really means and does.  We have a number of titles that comment on Facebook, and all the implications of the Internet’s great equalizer-time-waster-snoop-amusement-park.com

Mr. Lanier was on campus this fall and gave a captivating lecture…much to think about…

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