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Friday Blogging, On Rereading

March 2, 2012 · No Comments

…I noticed in our happening Browsing Collection (other side of the goat, right in front of Special Collections), On Rereading by Patricia Meyer Spacks.  On page nine she writes:

In rereading, demands on memory multiply…reading something for the first time may also evoke past selves, inasmuch as we recall bygone experience, of books and of life outside books, when vicariously experiencing the lives of imaginary others.  Rereading brings us more sharply in contact with how we–like the books we reread–have both changed and remained the same.  Books help to constitute our identity. They also, as we reread them, measure identity’s changes with the passage of time.

A thought for yet another gray Friday this gray winter…a perfect day to reread a book that matters…

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