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Blogging Anew in Autumn Redux

September 10, 2012 · No Comments

…ah the warm (perhaps overly warm-near-drought) pleasures of summer were more than my blogging-patience could overcome, but with the academic year anew, blogging resumes.  I’d like to draw attention to two pieces that I happened upon (water strider like) this summer.  The first is a short piece by Neil Wagner on how reading can change the reader, and is that perhaps not the noblest goal for reading? The second essay is “The Slowest Reader” by Benjamin Percy and is an homage to reading slowly, to savoring words.  While college presents itself in so many ways as a harried time, a time of late nights and much assigned, shouldn’t time-stands-still-by-the-desk-lit-bright-page rereading be college?  Be the comment of change?  Read the essay slowly and decide…

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