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Autumnal Reading, Rereading

October 15, 2012 · No Comments

…sampling (again!) Patricia Meyer Spacks book On Rereading and came upon this lovely phrase in her chapter “The Pleasure Principal,””Both the surprises and the other gratifications of rereading typically come in bits and pieces: not grand new interpretations so often as glimpses of possibility” (129).  This speaks I think to the inherent optimism of sustained reading (that is reading books versus the reading news-seeking asks us to do).  When we embark to read we embark–there are expectations, there are hope, and these are realized (or no).  “Glimpses of possibility” speaks wonderfully to how reading is self-revelation, and how quickly and fleetingly that comes. Though this is extended reading–this is throw yourself in the book reading, this is trusting yourself to read.




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