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Booksellers and Bookselling

December 3, 2012 · No Comments

Booksellers and Book sellling is a Library of Congress Subject Heading. If one does a subject search on said in ODYsseus (or Encore) one returns:

The holiday-shopping season metaexperience, reading about a small bookshop, while in a small book shop (or perhaps our Josephine Young Room).  If one accepts the thesis that buying books is not buying socks (or downloading apps), that it is something more expressive, more resonant of the real, then reading about books being bought and sold should have some measure of Emersonian sincerity.  Reading about book selling as a way to step out of all that is tinsel and trouble about holiday shopping? Couldn’t hurt to find one of these titles, a chair in the Josephine Young Room, and find out…

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