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National Poetry Month, One More

April 30, 2013 · No Comments

…in the April 24th edition of the Chronicle of Higher Education Anne Curzan presents a fun piece on the word slash and its emergence [as a] a new conjunction/conjunctive adverb.  It’s a fine piece on the elasticity of the English language, and brings to mind how poetry is a recital of the changeable music of words. All poetry in some way  is music, or, is written for a tone to turn meaning into truth.  Manipulating the music in words is craft of poetry (irregardless of the form), and to finish National Poetry month a nod to one English poetry’s greatest musician–slash–craftsman, John Keats. The list below are new titles by and about Keats:

The list title on the list is our copy of the Oxford Standard Authors edition of Keats’ poems.

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