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Picking Up on the Physicality of Books

May 31, 2013 · No Comments

…picking up on the promised thread of the last blog post, almost exactly this time last year we published a blog post that linked to Rebecca Eisenberg’s 101 Books to Read this Summer Instead of ’50 Shades of Grey’.  It’s a lovely visual reading list, and while it’s a year old the year gone past hasn’t made the list any less relevant.  In face, a quick scan of the list shows The Great Gatsby prominently placed, and given the film that is playing, the list may have aged like wine.  Given the film it might be a good time to read The Great Gatsby.  Eisenberg’s list features the famous cover of the Charles Scribner’s and Sons paperback edition (that edition carried by so many college students to so many American Lit classes).  Having this old paper back to read would certainly be a good summer project, first summer home from college?   32nd summer home from college?  Other titles on all things Gatsby:

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