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Final Exam Week Thought: Facebook and Grades

May 4th, 2009 · Comments Off on Final Exam Week Thought: Facebook and Grades

…researchers at Ohio State University have concluded a study which links Facebook use to lower grades.  While the researchers freely concede that Facebook might be more of a symptom than a disease, they can definitely point to a letter grade drop in excessive Facebook habitues.  Read Thoreau: simplify, for finals swear off Facebook, television, and popular music written after 1980….

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Friday Blogging: Why I Hate the BlackBerry

April 24th, 2009 · Comments Off on Friday Blogging: Why I Hate the BlackBerry

…from the Boston Globe, all the reasons to dislike blackberries…a wonderful rant…reminds me of a New Yorker cartoon where a priest is looking out at his congregation saying,”We will now pause for a moment of silent texting…”

…lots of ranting about various things digital,  I realize. Summer hiatus from that coming up (but don’t worry, we’ll be blogging on this summer!)

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Postcards as Twitter

April 22nd, 2009 · Comments Off on Postcards as Twitter

…a nice story on CNN.com about postcards.  Gently makes the case for them as an analog twitter/texting…a print twitter/texting. Of course, postcards also came complete with handwriting so that a person’s penmanship with the emoticon that came with the message. The person came with the message–in a Paris Review “Art of Poetry” interview, the English Poet Ted Hughes remarked, “Handwriting is drawing.”

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Facebook’s Future, more on the Google Opt Out

April 13th, 2009 · Comments Off on Facebook’s Future, more on the Google Opt Out

…an interesting (if long) piece on Facebook by Vanessa Grigoriadis on Facebook which comments on, among other things, how people use and misuse it, what it really sells, where it is going as a business, what it sells, how it might fail. Also some interesting commentary on how web 2.0 has conquered the “old web” and what that means.   For interesting commentary on that see Jonathan Zittrain’s wonderfully titled book The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It (ODY TK5105 875 I57 Z53 2008).

Quite a bit of editorializing on Google last time out, and I will stop to return to more properly bibliographic posts, but one more shot at Google and the idea of “opting out.” What Google has done, most importantly, is turned copyright responsibility on its head. Rather than asking permission of authors, they ask the author whose book is in Google Books or the home owner whose house is in Google Street View to tell them “no” and then they’ll comply. While Google would invoke necessity (we can’t possibly ask everybody), the fact they don’t ask, that they feel inclusion is a right, a normalcy, makes the hairs on the back of the neck tingle.  It’s rude, for starters. Secondly, there seems to be a serious case of overreach here. While there is precident, I realize, with things like the phone book or census, Google’s approach relies on a self-generated and self-venerated sense of their innate goodness (the whole Don’t Be Evil, after all), but, can’t one think about “opt out” has being the same as my neighbor helping themselves to my vegatables in my vegatable garden because I haven’t asked them not to and then only stopping when I catch them red-handed with a beet.  It’s cooperation by self-justification…and well, it’s rude.

Google is rude, this is what we’ve learned…

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The Case for Twitter as Fad

March 10th, 2009 · Comments Off on The Case for Twitter as Fad

…while it could just be the lousy weather, or that I have yet another birthday looming, I feel a need to vent against mobile communcation technologies.  This is partially inspired by coming across this Conor Friedersdorf essay that argues Twitter is a Fad, is the Myspace of 2009.  From my wonderful people-watching office in ODY, there are times of day that the commencement quad is nothing but people walking (some in circles) and talking into something. Or looking down at something that has little buttons they are thumbing. Why the urgent need to communicate–or, better yet, why the aversion to walking in silence. When I talk outloud while walking I make sure to be communicating with only myself (I do talk to myself a trifle much), and I simply cannot for the life of me think about how a cross campus saunter could be bad…so my advice to any and all today is to go for a walk and talk wth no one…

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Friday Blogging–Facebook

March 6th, 2009 · Comments Off on Friday Blogging–Facebook

…an interesting post in the Economist on Facebooks and the number of friends a human being can maintain at one time.  Points to research about how many people we can network with, and works to an intersting distinction between “networking” and “broadcasting.”  Also, this is from some time ago, but Michael Gerson published in the Washington Post a provocative (and exceedingly well written) essay on Facebook and friendship. Gerson explores the relationship between self-revelation and real friendship in an intelligent and moving way, and this essay is most definately worth a read.

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Walt Crawford On Blogs

March 4th, 2009 · Comments Off on Walt Crawford On Blogs

…Walt Crawford is an articulate commentator on issues related to libraries, book publishing, and everywhere those two institutions intersect.  He Writes Cites and Insights–a one man operation in which he examines issues of the day. I came across a piece he wrote back in 2007 where he agues convincingly for librarians and the study of librarianship that blogs are now the “most compelling and worthwhile literature in the library field today.”  No equivocating, take that RSQ.  The reach of blogs as the literature of futures has a grasp on fields other than newspapers, so says Crawford, and I find I agree.

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Useful and Useless Social Networking

February 24th, 2009 · Comments Off on Useful and Useless Social Networking

…a short Youtube by Seth Godin (who comments on a number of issues related to business and marketing) about the social networking that matters and the social networking that doesn’t.  For the later think Facebook...also a guide by Secure Enterprise 2.0 Forum to security issues as they relate to Web 2.0 applications.  This is a very useful overview of the issues and defense as they apply to the interactive spaces on the Web, and if you spend time on Facebook or twittering you would do well to give it a read…

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RSS and Serendipity

February 19th, 2009 · Comments Off on RSS and Serendipity

…in celebrating its sixth birthday James Joyner on his blog “Outside the Beltway” writes:

The rise of RSS readers and aggregators like Memeorandum mean that fewer of us are using our blogrolls or just keeping a log of interesting things we’re finding on the Web; instead, we’re much more apt to write about what everyone else is writing about.

One also wonders about RSS feeds and serendipity.  If “we” are all using RSS feeds, if we are all using one of any number of technologies to deliver microcontent about an interest, or point of view, or time of day what possibility is there of making the chance encounter with information. What becomes of positively judging a book by its cover, and thus meeting a new writer, style of writing, or idea. This is the trade off in customizing…that with the ability to take only what one wants from the information hog-wallow otherwise known as the Internet, we mish the chance to stumble, to stumble upon something we didn’t know existed but, once discovered, proves useful.

The answer? Browse shelves…the browsing collection between the computer labs and the faculty carrols…

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Back in Business, In the News

January 7th, 2009 · Comments Off on Back in Business, In the News

Indeed, after a December hiatus that saw, well, the author grade a lot of First Year Program papers Odyssey Online is back and in its new home! Situated now like a cat under a cookstove at blogs.stlawu, you can plenty of content commentary, and the occasional hair ball I’m sure.  To start with, some technology notes in the morning news…

More soon!

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