Welcome to the Peer Mentoring Program

Founded in 2016, the Peer Mentor Program’s mission is to help first-years, sophomores, and transfer students have a smooth transition to life on campus. After completing a personal survey, interested students will be matched up with a trained mentor with similar goals. The mentor’s role is to answer academic and social questions, provide resources about the campus community, and be a friendly face.

What are some things a peer mentor can help you with?

  • Helping you initiate conversations with academic advisors and other professionals on campus so you can learn more about your academic and extra curricular interests.
  • Introducing you to fun events at St. Lawrence and the Canton area (including alternatives to partying).
  • Helping to connect you to communities beyond your FYP, including new clubs, organizations, and volunteer opportunities on campus. 
  • Answering questions about the culture and traditions of St. Lawrence University.
  • Telling you stories about successes and lessons learned while at St. Lawrence University.
  • Modeling strategies and habits that have helped them be successful in college.
  • Discussing “hands-on” ways with you to learn and get involved at St. Lawrence and pursue engaged learning opportunities (like study abroad, community-based learning, academic internships, and faculty-sponsored research)

Join the program. It’s fun. It’s free. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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