“printmaking is….”

Cerese Vaden, Associate Professor of Art, The University of Arizona

Printmaking is a translator.  A language more intriguing, engaging and elusive is somehow created as the process translates my clumsy and simply phrased marks.

Nathan Abel,  Student, The University of Arizona

Printmaking is a magic! There is something mysterious that takes place between the realization of an idea as it translates to the matrix and then ultimately being printed on paper. Printmaking is community, this I feel was an integral part of my early print education, with the constant exchange of information both conceptual (working in close quarters with other artists usually lead to regular impromptu critique & discussion) as well as technical information (face it we’re all suckers for new techniques). Printmaking is process, sometimes an image just comes but more often than not we have to spend the time tweaking this, that or the other thing until the image is resolved, though this logic printmaking forms an entire way of thinking and processing the things around us.