It took a long time before I decided what I wanted to do for my final project. After many conversations with Lucas about it I finalized what I wanted to do; A three day workshop series on utilizing Photoshop. The topics discussed will be hands on, aimed at the different uses of the software for different audiences. This includes the amateur photographer, graphic designer or creative artist. After each session however, the attendants should be able to walk away with a new skill set with the program.

I decided on this project for a couple of reasons. The first and foremost being that currently, on the St. Lawrence campus, there are many training workshops available to professors who want to incorporate more technology in the classroom. However, there are none aimed at the group of students who would like to use a new program but have no idea where to start. Although it will be open to the faculty as well, the workshop is built on a “By the students, for the students” mentality. By this I mean it is not intended to be a lecture or note taking environment but more of a hands on DIY course.

Throughout my ITAP experience and working closely with Lucas I have learned the importance of being able to communicate with different groups of people effectively. Being able to convey a technique to a group which is not technically savvy is very critical and also challenging. As an Educational Technologist it is crucial to obtain the skills of effectively teaching all different groups new and useful technologies.


Example of a bad poster

Example of an effective poster

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