Major Arguments Against Nuclear Energy

-One of the major arguments against nuclear energy is it is not a cost effective form of energy because waste disposal is so pricey. (p.13)

-Some also suggest that nuclear power is not actually clean energy because the amount of carbon dioxide released during uranium mining. (p.14)

-Currently, nuclear power plants take up to 10 years to build, so that could not contribute to reducing greenhouse gases anytime soon. (p.14)

-Safety is also a big concern when it comes to nuclear power plants. There have been catastrophic incidents in the past and also concerns of the nuclear materials being used for weapon-making and other destructive practices. (p.14)

-Nuclear is only a short term solution because it is not a renewable form of energy, we are better off investing in renewable resources and such as solar, wind, tidal, and geothermal. These forms of energy are becoming more efficient and cheaper each year. (p.14)



Taylor, Graeme. “Nuclear Energy and Global Sustainability.” Social Alternatives 26.2 (2007): 12-7. Print.

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