Major Arguments for Nuclear Energy

There is current debate over nuclear energy. Some countries find nuclear power as a safe, cheap, and clean source of energy, while others oppose it. (p.12)

Arguments for Nuclear Energy:

– Those for nuclear energy claim that it is a reliable and cost-effective source of electrical power. (p.13)

-Dissimilar to fossil fuels, nuclear power doesn’t contribute to smog or greenhouse gases. (p.13).

-Some say that nuclear power plants are also safer than some current power plants and they are constantly becoming more efficient. (p.13)

-Even though these plants produce radioactive waste, this waste is stored deep in the ground. (p.13)

-Nuclear power may not be a renewable source of energy, but the large supplies of it could be a great alternative until better and more sustainable forms of energy can meet the needs of the current global economy. (p.13)

-Nuclear power plants can also be use to desalinate sea water in countries with water scarcity; it also has the potential to be used to produce hydrogen to replace gasoline and diesel fuels for use in transportation. (p.13)



Taylor, Graeme. “Nuclear Energy and Global Sustainability.” Social Alternatives 26.2 (2007): 12-7. Print.

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