Why Do We Need Nuclear?

  • Only nuclear power can lift all humans out of poverty without cooking the planet, or keeping cities like Delhi and Beijing caked in deadly particulate matter.
  • Coal and fossil fuels can lift people out of poverty but at a high environmental cost.
  • Solar and wind are too diffuse and not reliable enough to power factories and cities, and thus cannot lift people out of poverty nor reduce emissions from fossil fuel-powered electrical systems more than only modestly
  • Hydro can lift people out of poverty and is low-carbon, but it’s limited — most rich world rivers are over-dammed.
  • Spraying sulfur particles into the atmosphere can temporarily cool the earth but not reduce humankind’s negative environmental impact or lift all people out of poverty.
  • Everything is in place to build more nuclear plants.
  • They are the safest way to make reliable electricity and use the least amount of natural resources and produce the least amount of waste.


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