Killer Whales

WHY killer whales?

Killer whales, by nature, are very loving, vocal, intelligent, and family oriented creatures that have never been known to harm, or kill people in the wild, but have done so in captivity. Once a whale enters captivity their behavior often changes dramatically, becoming more aggressive and violent, these are all behaviors that are not observed in their natural habitat. The above reasons are all examples as to why educating an audience on this issue is so important, and in need of urgent attention. After watching the documentary Blackfish I find it is a pressing issue that has been overlooked for too many years. It is also one that should not be occurring in 2014 especially after all of the evidence we have that these animals are being treated poorly, and clearly unhappy in captivity, which is clearly seen by the way they express their anger while in captivity. If we do not do everything in our power to make more people aware of the harm being done to these animals, it will continue to happen. The films shows terrible footage of how they separate the mothers out and take the calf in order to have the whale grow up in captivity. Not only are they separated from their families, the living conditions for these wild animals is another example as to how poorly these animals are treated in captivity. In the small tanks they are kept in they have no space to swim freely as they do in the wild.