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More Disadvantages to Wind Energy

Cons of Wind Power -Wind is a fluctuating energy source, In order for wind energy to be a smart and useful investment some sort of storage must be used. e.g. batteries -Wind turbines produce a noise and vibration that many … Continue reading

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Problems with Offshore wind power in the United States

-The United States has long coastlines with relatively shallow waters, meaning wind turbines would have to be in these waters closer to people, boat traffic, birds and their possible migratory patterns. Many states have laws limiting the distances turbines have … Continue reading

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The Cape Wind Project

Here is a link a possible offshore wind farm off of cape cod!

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Origins of Wind Energy -Wind energy has been used for over 2 thousand years, first with agriculture and now for electricity. -With the new “Smart for Start” from the U.S. department of interior more wind projects are on the way! -Offshore wind power … Continue reading

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