Our Mission

Chemistry is the study of matter–its structure and composition–and the way multiple matters interact. It has assisted in advances in various fields, including: drug development, food and beverage industry, criminal science, alternative energies, and electronics. Through these various fields, chemistry has assimilated into the daily lives of millions.

The Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAACS) is a student-run leadership organization, bound together by their love for chemistry and the betterment of their community. The Saint Lawrence University Student Affiliates chapter makes community and campus outreaches through roadside clean-ups, middle school chemistry demonstrations, and the majors declaration luncheon.

For future works, the chapter is organizing club field-trips to area science museums, a science majors’ dinner, and the reincarnation of the “molecule of the week.” This academic year’s work will be dedicated to support of green chemistry initiatives.

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