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February 22, 2011

Hey everyone,

I first want to thank everyone for coming to Chemistry Major Declaration Day last Thursday; we had great attendance, and the event was a success!  We added some new names to the mailing list this week, so that we could invite those who attended Major Declaration but are not members of ACS.  We will be meeting tomorrow at 5:00 on 3rd floor of Johnson Hall (Room 309).  If any of you are interested in checking out ACS, we encourage you to stop by!

Hope to see you all tomorrow



Frebruary 1st, 2011

Hey everyone,

ACS will be meeting this Tuesday (Feb 8) at 5:00.

Last week, we agreed to keep the meeting time at 5:00 for this semester but decided that we will try to hold video conferences at 7:00 so that everyone can make it after practices.

Jillian told us about a new opportunity for ACS to get involved with the community. This event will take place in the spring and have a theme related to “supporting the environment” – a great opportunity for our club to tie in chemistry and the sciences with that theme.

Also, Dr. Newhouse, Pulmonologist and Clinical Professor of Medicine from Ontario, will deliver a video conference next week (Feb 15) at 7:00 – 3rd floor JHS. He will undoubtedly be very interesting and insightful, so I hope everyone can make it!

See you Tuesday,



October 19th, 2010

Hey everyone,

Last week we talked more about the upcoming video conference with Jillian’s father (which will be sometime in early November).  Everyone at the meeting wrote a couple questions to help fuel the discussion, from which Jillian and Andrew are composing a final version.  I emailed the folks who didn’t make it to last week’s meeting and asked for their questions as well.

Matt brought up the “Molecule of the Week” that he has been maintaining on the ACS site, and we decided to divide up the work and have several people create write ups about interesting/relevant molecules.  That way, “Molecule of the Week” becomes more of a group effort and less of a chore for Matt.  I also asked last week’s no-shows for their help with that.

If you’d like a model to follow for your molecule write up, check out the one from Sept 28th at this link:

Otherwise, we will be meeting again on Tuesday 10/26 in JHS at 5:00.  Hope to see you all there!



September 28, 2010

Hey everyone,

First of all, we will be meeting again tomorrow at 5 on the 3rd floor of Johnson – come if you can and bring a friend along!

We met last week with several folks absent – understandable, as last week was exam-filled for many people!  Here is a summary of what we talked about:

– Marc took some great action shots of the officers for the website.

– We thanked those who helped out with the cleanup on the previous Friday.

– Matt talked about the potential trip to Ottawa:
That will be Saturday, Nov. 6th.  Group will leave in a university vehicle around 10:30.
Arrive in Ottawa and grab some lunch
Head to the Canada Science and Technology Museum (admission funded by ACS!!)
The rest of the day can be filled with some other activities (art museum? other ideas?)
Get dinner and head back to school.

Looks like this will be a fun day trip!  We had a few sign up tentatively, and more are welcome.  Remember you need a current passport or extended driver’s license to cross the border!  Email me or Matt (mjhaye07) and let us know if you are interested.  Here’s the URL for the museum website:

Next we talked about the dinner/reception we’re trying to plan for Spring semester.

– Unfortunately, the main problem here is money.  We discussed a couple options and discussed the possibility of having an event at Pub 56 (involving both students and faculty) rather than the more expensive formal dinner.  Could be a fun time for all!  More news on that to come as we work out a plan.

Hope to see you all tomorrow!



September 21, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Here are the minutes from Tuesday’s meeting. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the meeting and for those with time conflicts please make sure to read these so you can catch up!

1. Roadside clean-up will be this Friday, September 24th, at 4:30 pm. We will meet in the lobby of JHS at 4:15 and will be departing at 4:30 sharp, so please do not be late! We have all of the equipment necessary so just dress appropriately for the weather (if it is drizzling we will still go but if it seems like it will be pouring look out for an e-mail from one of the officers). In case your wondering why we do this activity, our ACS chapter has adopted a short stretch of route 68 just a few miles from campus. As a club we spend one afternoon every fall to clean up this piece of land as our contribution to preserving our community. It is actually really fun and shouldn’t take too long – remember that many hands make light work!

2. We have a new blog! All of the minutes, molecule of the week, upcoming events and officer contact information will be logged on this site. It will also be linked off the chemistry website. This is a really great way to stay posted on club information. Eventually we hope to have discussion boards which can be used to facilitate committee discussion when planning events.

3. We discussed taking a trip to Ottawa to visit the science museum and national gallery. This would be a day trip – possibly the first Saturday in November. One of the officers will likely get van certification so we can all ride together. We would spend the morning visiting the museum and grab some lunch and would plan to be back in Canton early evening. Matt is working on the logistics/organization of this outing so we will have more info coming up.

4. Finally, we have discussed about a collaboration with Tri-Beta (the biology honors society) to host a science scholar’s reception. Some things to think about: location, sign-up method, advertising, catering, fund raising, dress code, etc. This is a very new idea but would be a great way to gather science faculty, upperclassman science students, and students new to the department. The officers are going to make a few phone calls to try to get more information about planning this event but your thoughts/suggestions are appreciated as we move forward with the idea. The tentative date for this event is the Thursday or Friday the week before finals week in December.

That’s all for now! Let me know if you have any questions about Friday. See you all then!
Jillian, Andrew, Matt, Ryan, and Danielle


September 14, 2010

When the group met this past Tuesday (9/14), we discussed a few important points for the coming year.

We officers are interested in setting up a dinner/reception of some kind that involves chemistry students at SLU.  There was the prospect of getting together with tri-Beta on this also (maybe even tie in a “green sciences” theme for the event).  This idea is still in planning, as we need to work out the details and figure out how to best use our resources to make this happen.

We talked about dividing up some of the main responsibilities for this year.  First of those is our web page that we want to update and maintain throughout the year.  Marc Delaney volunteered to be our new tech guy for the web page.  Katie McHugh volunteered to update the “Molecule of the Month” on our site – i.e. some molecule that is relevant currently, or just something cool!  Megan Goodemote is going to help coordinate community service events for the year.

Also, we talked about advertising.  We need some folks who want to work with myself and Amber Latza to get the word out to campus about upcoming events, etc.  It really won’t be much work, especially when divided among several people.  The key for this year is to have consistent collaboration amongst our group.  And we can make some good things happen!

For the immediate future, we discussed the ACS’s annual roadside cleanup (small section of road on Rte 68, if I’m not mistaken).  It will be next Friday (9/24) at 4:30, and we will have a few people, including myself, driving for those who want a ride.  Based on the numbers who have already signed up, it looks like we will have a great turnout this year.  If you missed the meeting but would like to come next Friday, let myself of Andrew ( know.

There will be more cool stuff to come, and more events to be planned!  We will meet again next Tuesday at 5 on 3rd floor of JHS.