Keeping Java Shows Safe

When interviewed to live at the Java theme house, the current residents ask what the term “Java Love” means. The general consensus of the houses is that it is the welcoming atmosphere that is created at Java, for the 12 houses members, the touring band, and all those that attend our shows. We want everyone who come every week to think of Java as an extended family, we’re putting shows on for all of you guys, not just us. At every show the Java Love is there, whether you realize it or not.

However, this semester, we have been highly disappointed and feel disrespected that those who are not even members of our organization have compromised the Java Love that drew us to the venue in the first place. Since the semester started, we have had a slew of problems, including physical altercations, groping, stalking, and general inappropriate behavior. Not to mention, people have been putting themselves–and our venue–at risk by climbing on the roof. None of these things are cool, or make our venue look good. Nor do they convey the idea of Java Love that we as staff feel makes the shows worth running.


We’ve decided to disclose this information to you, reader, not to be dramatic but to ask a favor: keep an eye on your friends, make sure they’re safe and comfortable. If they’re not or you’re not, please find one of twelve people in a staff shirt and we’ll be glad to help restore the equilibrium of Java Love. See you at the next show.
java house Fall 2013

-Raina Puels ’16, Emily Penna ’14

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