Rochester Art Gala: Seeking 2D Artwork!

GlobeMed, a nonprofit organization seeking to improve global health conditions, is hosting its second annual art gala at the University of Rochester, December 6-20. They are calling for digital submissions of 2D artwork, up to three per artist. A $15 submission fee goes directly to the nonprofit.

If your piece is selected, it will be featured at the gala for all to admire and open for purchase at a cost determined by you! In addition to keeping 65% of the profit, you get the satisfaction of knowing your artwork is proudly displayed in some person’s living room. Selected pieces must be dropped off between November 25 and December 2. If you don’t live in the Rochester area and don’t feel like paying for shipping, let me know; I live near the U of R and would be happy to deliver any selected artwork over Thanksgiving break.

For more information, visit the GlobeMed tumblr at
or check out the Facebook event:

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