Summer is now gone, and fall is fading fast. Halloween is officially over, which is rather depressing, but there are other holidays to look forward to in the near future (apparently this year there are only three weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas – Ahhh!). I hope everyone had a good Halloween though, with candy, costumes and moderate amounts of that other stuff people drink. It kicked off with The Hub’s haunted house last weekend, which I hope many of you attended, and finished up with the OC party rocking in Eben Holden. SLU Funk and Max Ryder kept people dancing all night, and everyone was fabulously dressed up. I saw a rock climbers, a bride in lingerie, a chicken, an anime girl, a strawberry and Columbia and Eddie from Rocky Horror, not to mention Ke$ha (oh, that was me :P). The change in venue was a good choice even though the wind and rain had died down by party time.

Halloween acts a tipping point between lovely autumn and crappy autumn. We are moving into the hardest time of year where the lack of sun actively affects your mood and the school work really starts to pile on. I wish the best of luck to everyone making it though the last third of the semester, and this advice: stay active, go outside, eat your favorite food (it will actually make you feel better) and hang with the people who make you laugh.

Thanks for reading!
– Jenny

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