Naturalize A Meaning

Last Sunday, sitting at the weekly Laurentian Magazine meeting, I was so cruelly reminded of my obligation to post on this very blog. Now, just for the record, let’s make it clear that this was a prospect terrifying to me in a such a way as one can only be terrified of the unknown. But! After reading through more or less every single post from the last three months, I decided to make it my quest to bring something new and exciting to the table. What I landed on was a topic that combines the art of language, which is often focused on here, with something altogether new. So here goes, I hope you like it!

Here are the titles of every post on this blog (some unpublished), so far, this semester:

Welcome Back
We Are Not Alone
Almost, Maine Tomorrow Night
Learning To Love You More
Staff Review
Fiction Post
Fall 2013 Artist Feature
Keeping Java Shows Safe
More of Fall 2013 Featuring Authors
The Art of Coming Home
The St. Lawrence Review Wants YOUR Work!
seize the sweats
SLU Infatuation
Rochester Art Gala: Seeking 2D Artwork!
A London Minute: Leila

Now, imagine that we took those titles and split them up, character by character, until they looked like this (click to enlarge image):

Now, just remove the titles and shuffle things around a little (because picture are cool, right Courtney?):

Then, we give it all some purpose:

Last one, I promise:

The following is an exact anagram of all of the first 17 blog post titles combined, with some punctuation added for clarity. It also happens to be in the form of a poem and has a nifty haiku breakdown right in the middle. Enjoy!


The Laurentian Magazine, 2013:

A group of talented, lighthearted folks,

Making waves in the Saint Lawrence community.

One issue at a time

The smoothness and efficient nature of the staff

Could be a feature.

What section? Poetry:


Like visions of skies,

Awoken, we start to weave

Songs, from moonlight, grow.


Flaw? A rare jewel!

So, wallow or float, growl or roar (rawr!), groom or fool:

Have some more cake, we nailed it.


p.s. llrr 01223.


Thanks for reading!

~ Be Richer, Nerd


p.s. Naturalize a Meaning = Laurentian Magazine

Be Richer, Nerd = Reid Brechner

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