“Suppose I were to begin by saying that I had fallen in love with a color”– Maggie Nelson, Bluets


The other day I was sitting in my Sensation & Perception class, when I started thinking about the color blue. Blues are everywhere, from the sky to our jeans, to even the worn out chairs that roll around the W.O.R.D. Studio. I have never been a fan of blue as a color for ink, but I can respect it. So on this day, my pencil to the paper, scribbling hieroglyphics, eyes cast down, hoping not to be called on, I realized that my blues were fading. Instead of showing and explaining the diagram and function of the eye, let me give you the sparknotes: the lens of your eye, which is behind the cornea (where you put your contacts), and iris (the pretty colored part), helps to refract light so it can be better focused on your retina, allowing you to see things. This lens is yellow in color.

As we age our lens become a darker yellow, almost brown. This means that the blues of the world are being filtered through a deeper and deeper yellow, turning our blues, well, less blue. My advice is for everyone to take some time today to enjoy the blues of the world.

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