Man at Arms

For those who are on the Internet, you’ve probably heard of a small site called YouTube.  Recently, I stumbled upon a channel called AWE Me (Amaze, Wow, Educate).  It hosts a show called Man at Arms and is features seasoned blacksmith, Tony Swatton, making various weapons.  But these weapons are one of a kind as they hail from different forms of geek media like video games and t.v. shows.  Along with that, there is a smaller series called 3D Chalk Art, which is exactly how it sounds.  Some of which are 8-bit graphics, others are modern pieces of chalk art, either way it is quite a process to watch.  I recommend you check out some of the quick 6 to 8 minute videos of Man at Arms most of all.  From Link’s Master Sword to Wolverine’s claws to Finn’s Golden Sword.

Here’s the link:

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