World Languages Week

That mythical time has come, when schoolwork comes back from the void of vacation like Gandalf after his date with the Balrog. You’ve returned to find campus transformed from its gray, slushy state under a new layer of white (more Lord of the Rings references. I don’t know why; I’m not even a fan).

There’s also definitely a homework metaphor here.


But the point is, you’re back. What are you going to do about it?

You could ease the pain by celebrating World Languages Week. And there’s lots more to do than just going to the Hoot to celebrate your questionable Irish heritage.



4:30–5:30 Spanish trivia Carnegie 10, test your knowledge and win prizes!

6:00–8:00 Movie: A Bottle in the Gaza Sea in the Winston Room, sponsored by the Arabic Club & Islamic club, discussion to follow



11:00–1:00 CIIS info table in the Student Center

4:30–5:30 French trivia, test your knowledge and win prizes!

6:00–7:00  Cultural performances: dances, songs, poems, music in the Winston Room



4:30–5:30 Poetry for Peace in Carnegie 110. Bring a poem to share in any language (preferably with an English translation as well). All are welcome to read or just listen.

10:00–11:00 Tea Time in the I–House lounge, Sykes 2616



4:30–5:30 German Trivia, in Carnegie 10 test your knowledge and win prizes!

5:00–7:00 SLU International Iron Chef, live cooking contest co-sponsored by Dining Services

7:00–9:00 Movie: Persepolis in Carnegie 10


Check out some pictures from last year’s event!

Iron Chef at Dana, 2013


SLU Iron Chef 2013, Image courtesy of




Ally T.

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