Crossing the Finish Line


If you really want something, it is not enough to just hope it will come true. You have to hop up on your two tired feet and reach for it, run for it, scream for it. Recognize that everything meaningful you have ever accomplished in this life was because you made it happen.

Share with us one thing you want to accomplish and the steps you will take to achieve it. What have you made up your mind to do and why? What is your motivation? What plan will you establish for yourself to guide your progress? Your goal could take place over any time frame you desire.

We look forward to reading your responses; go get ‘em, everyone!

About Sam Song

Student at St. Lawrence University, native of central Maryland. Enjoying life a day at a time.
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One Response to Crossing the Finish Line

  1. tmyang11 says:

    Last night was the 100th night ceremony, an event where the senior class marks the 100 days remaining until graduation and remembers the highlights of the last three and a half years.  To be honest, I don’t usually go in for milestone celebrations. Could be the writer in me, rebelling against the cliches. Could be the younger sibling in me, trying to set myself apart from my older sister, who positively adores the pomp of ceremonies, especially those taking place in an academic setting. (Nowhere is this contrast between us starker than in the photographs of my high school graduation, where she insisted on donning her own college graduation robes and posing with me on the front lawn while I glared at her).

    I doubt I would have even found myself at the 100th night ceremony, if it weren’t for the fact one of my best friends was giving a speech. 

    Sitting there in the audience, though, listening to that friend brilliantly recount our freshman move-in to Rebert South, I experienced a surge of nostalgia–not for Rebert itself, which was a tad too vomit-y for my liking, but for the friendships that started there and have lasted to this day. I remembered crowding onto the floor of the lounge to paint the banner for our FYP; I remembered cramming seventeen people into an extremely stuffy double to watch the extended edition of The Lord of the Rings; I remembered mattress surfing down the stairs, suffering a rainy Peak Weekend, drinking awful boxed wine, stumbling upon a drag show in the Winston Room, and my heart pounding during my first tutorial at the WORD Studio (the girl thought I was a senior, and I didn’t correct her, because I didn’t want her to doubt my credentials).

    In a very roundabout way, I’m trying to respond to Sam’s prompt by saying that I am highly motivated to make my last 100 days at St. Lawrence count. I want them to be as meaningful and memorable as those first 100 days, when I was astounded by my own happiness, when I first started calling SLU my home. I will do this by spending time with my friends, those loyal FYP companions who have put up with my sarcasm and my germaphobia since day one, and by not letting questions about “The Future” impede our happiness now. 

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