Do I Love Enough?

On the Adirondack Semester, 2013, I was asked to think about the question- do I love enough? On the heels of yet another Valentines day, for those who love it, hate it, or wish they had somebody to share it with, you’re all included here. I hope we can all spend some time looking inwards this Valentines day and ask ourselves if we love enough and if we are loving ourselves enough. Especially as women, and as a woman writing this, I know we like to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and be wonder women. I am all for that. What I am not for is being a frazzled, overworked, and quick to react.

On a day devoted to showing our love for others, we also must allocate some time and energy to being with ourselves.  To selfishly and proudly take that walk in the woods, meditate, read the last chapter of the book that keeps getting pushed aside, or just take a nap by the fire place. There is truly no one more important than you, right here, right now. If you are not tended to, how can you ever care for someone else? This is not a green light for downing a pint of Phish Food or eating an entire pizza, this is about looking after yourself in a healthy, wholesome, and sustainable manner.

My prompt, for anyone taking the time out of their busy day to read my words, (I am honored, thank you), is to listen to a song by Brian Eno and sit comfortably (or lay), with your eyes closed, for 17 whole minutes. When was the last time you took 17 minutes of your day to give you your undivided attention? That is my challenge for you this week.

Please let me know how you like Brian Eno, the difficulties of being with yourself, or how you plan on answering the question- do I love enough?

-Hannah B. Smith

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