Mad Libs are mad fun

Everyone loves a little phrasal template word game, am I right?  I know I do.  In high school, my friends and I would often sit in my living room for hours, making up ridiculous stories and choosing the most obscure nouns, adverbs, and adjectives we could think of.  For those of you who have suffered the misfortune of never doing a Mad Lib before, please follow this link and reclaim your childhoods–

Now that everyone is acquainted with one of the most entertaining word games to ever grace the planet, allow me to propose the writing prompt.  I will provide a very short Mad Lib, and you will, in turn, use the result as the first few sentences of your piece.  It might not make sense.  It will probably get weird.  But that’s the fun part! Get wild and crazy with it and make up a story to follow whatever your brains cook up.  Here are the parts of speech that you need to choose, to later be placed in the Mad Lib.  (Success of this exercise depends on your ability to not peek ahead at the Mad Lib.  I REPEAT, NO PEEKING.)





Place (yes, I know that’s not a part of speech, work with me here, people):


Now, to make sure you can’t cheat and see the story while choosing your words, please enjoy these photos of adorable baby animals enjoying the snow.






All right, that should have been enough cuteness to distract you from peeking.  Now, for the moment of truth.  Kindly enter the words you chose in the blank spaces of the following story.

“Curious,” said the [noun].  “It seems that I’ve [verb] my [noun].  I guess I’ll just have to get my [noun] and head down to [place] for some [adjective] help.”  

Like I said, it might get weird.  I hope it has.  Enjoy crafting a story out of this Mad Lib and please share your most ridiculous and creative results in the comments section!


-Sam “I had way too much fun writing this post” Weber

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