White Zinfandel

White Zinfandel
by Lienne Carroll ’10

Hard day,
Stressed day,
Slam down in a chair.
Deep breath—drop back,
Hover on two legs with closed eyes and
Negative balance.
Side to side,
Deep breath in—
Deep breath out.
Hip-high refrigerator,
Slightly less than coldest set.
Reach a hand
which bottle?
sizes, shapes (glass), twist, cork
easy choice.
Tan (beige/brown) cork-nippled
Long neck,
Tiny waist,
Full hips,
Rich body.
Pull out jutting cork:
Breathing beauty in a bottle.
Glistening…barely breaking a sweat
Obscuring…fine mist
Alluring…full pink
Soothing liquid grapes
poured in a
(deep bellied long-stemmed/knotted)
First sip:
Tangy sweet
Mild fruit wafting,
Vaguely alcoholic,
Second sip.
Glide forward in the chair.
Firmly planted
Four legs down,
Third sip.
More fruit:
Sugary, carbonated, smooth, tart, bursting body
Like iced lemonade
On a sticky summer day.
Straighten spine,
Roll head
(gently now),

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