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    Today I’m writing to discuss an interesting festival I recently heard about happening right here in the North Country in honor of Frederic Remington’s 150th Birthday: The 10th Annual Remington Arts Festival! Starting on Thursday, September 22, a series of events will be happening all across our little University town (for details on locations per each of the following events, the festivals website should be of service:

    The first event on the 22nd is called “Brown bag Lunch, ‘Remington and the Civil War.'” Later that same day, from 7-8pm, there will be an exhibit and lecture on ‘Frederic Remington at St. Lawrence University.’

    On Friday the 23rd, there will be another exhibit opening and lecture based on ‘Remington and the Civil War,’ starting at 5-8pm.

    Saturday brings a NYSARC Autism Awareness Walk (1 mile) from 10-12am (registration is at 9am). At that same time and continuing on into the afternoon, an Art show and Sale will be taking place from 10am-4pm. Also from 10am-4pm, there will be a “Featured Artist Exhibit” for “Wayne Brown ‘Tired Iron Sculptures,'” which should be pretty cool. In addition to that, the aforementioned Frederic Remington Exhibit will be open to the public again from 10am-4pm. From 11am-3pm on Saturday, there will be Children’s Games and Dress-up, and also Horse Drawn Carriages coupled with Historic Tours of Canton. From 2-4pm, there will be a “Featured Musician Performance” by “Fraser Family and Friends.”

    And lastly, on Sunday the 25th, there will be a 5K Run&Walk called “Remington 5K Run/Walk.” It starts at 9am (early), and registration is at 8am (earlier). Runners and Walkers rejoice!

    So yes. Lots of artsy stuff happening in town this upcoming week. Again, any extra information can be found on the website (, and also information can be found on the little postcards floating around town advertising for the event (I found my little flyer at Nature Storehouse, and if any is wondering what I’m quoting above, that is it, so I give all credit to that little flyer).

    So yeah… hope to see you all out there this weekend, and I hope everyone has a good time remembering Frederic Remington–without him, we wouldn’t have so many cool events to look forward to (I don’t really know what else he did, but that’s why I’m going to the lecture in town… to learn!).

    See ya around! -Riley Spellman


    Remington Festival Schedule of Events


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