Bloom Like an Artist Side note: It’s probably best if you open this link in a new tab so you can read along

Through the magic of StumbleUpon, I found this web comic one day when I was supposed to be doing something else.  It’s a simple hand drawn comic about a girl named Ida who discovers her passion for art and in turn, gains a friend that only she can see (essentially the spirit of art embodied in a furry little animal).

Now, here’s why I love this story.  It shows the evolution of an artist as she gets older and realizes how difficult it can be for a successful career.  And just as she’s about to cross the line of living her dream to enter reality, her “artistic soul” animal friend shows her the truth about art.  It’s limitless and you can do anything you can put your mind to.  I know it sounds really cheesy, but sometimes we can forget that we have the power in our lives, not anyone else.

On a personal note, I can relate to Ida.  Sometimes creativity is personified in…well, pretty much whatever you want as long as you can communicate with it.  Although it’s not always a cute little critter, it could just be your average small town girl who just so happens to be the most inspirational person you know.  Of course, she isn’t real, but my “artistic soul” friend does pull through for me.  And I think it’s why I have so much faith in art, all interpretations of the word.  It’s that dream we all have in common, we just need someone to cheer us on once in a while.

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