“Jump Genre”

Hey Everyone! I have a new website that I’ve been obsessing over lately, and I thought I’d share it with all of you artsy people out there that know a good thing when they see it. This site, which was made by a friend of my older brother, is incredibly addicting, and basically is a collection of covers of songs that are done in a genre that differs from the original versions genre. The site is called “Jump Genre” (www.jumpgenre.com), and these are a few of my favorite songs on the site:


Collin McLoughlin covering Gym Class Heroes’ song, “Stereo Hearts”:



Ray LaMontagne covering Gnarls Barkeys’ song, “Crazy”:



Obadiah Parker covering Outkasts’ song, “Hey Ya”:



Karen Souza covers Radiohead’s song, “Creep”:



And my favorite of all, iCallShotgun covering Nelly’s song, “Ride Wit Me”:



I love acoustic music and that’s why I love these songs, but there are plenty of other genres of music (obviously) and I highly suggest you check everything out. The site is really user-friendly in terms of getting around on it, and it’s kind of artsy in its set-up, as well.


Honestly, check out this site. The logo is adorable, too, as featured below, and I think you would all get hooked on it like I did if you just took some time to look around at the covers.




-Riley Spellman


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