Rave Runs


I don’t know about you, but I love running. In fact, I love running so much that I also love reading about it. My favorite magazine for this is Runner’s World. I find that is has a great balance between treating running as a sport and a lifestyle. One of the best parts of RW is within the first few pages: every issue begins with a “Rave Run”. These spread photos are used to showcase different parts of the world for their jaw dropping beauty in scenery and running experience. Pictures are submitted by photographers from around the world, which means, if you have a camera with a fast shutterfix, a friend who likes to run (or a good timer on your camera), then you could be the one to show the wild beauty of North Country running trails to thousands of readers.

Photo by Steve Boyle. This photo was featured in the September 2010 issue of Runner’s World. He has had several other pictures published by Runner’s World, all of which he discusses on his blog: http://thephiladelphiaphotographer.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Picture-1.jpg


The magazine also offers the chance for readers to enter personal essays titled “What it takes to…” I really appreciate—and thoroughly enjoy—the inclusion of  readers’ lives in the magazine. It makes it more of a forum for everyone who is involved in this lifestyle, rather than a sporting manual.

Photo by Dave Willis. This photo was featured in the January 2011 issue of Runner’s World.

Photo by Dave Willis. This photo was featured in the January 2011 issue of Runner’s World. He also discusses it on his blog:http://web.me.com/mountainsport/Blog/files/9e261b0b3ce65513a62a6816b5800e44-6.html


Check out more awesome Rave Runs at runnersworld.com. or visit http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-494-499–11245-0,00.html to submit your own piece for the Rave Run or one of the essay sections!


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