Unconventional Art

Art can be defined as any something that has no real value beyond its own existence. Art exists because it can. So its with that idea in mind that I’ve decided to talk about my favorite form of art, Professional Wrestling and my experiences with that art form. I started watching wrestling when most people stop and it just seemed to stick with me. I recognize all the people who consider it worthless because the outcomes are predetermined and I don’t want to try and prove the validity of pro wrestling, people rarely ever let themselves be persuaded to consider wrestling valid. I just want to talk about my latest experience with wrestling.

Back in November I went with a bunch of friends to watch an Indie circuit show and got fortunate enough to see a match that would be voted independent match of the year. Eddie Edwards Vs. Nigel McGuinness. Nigel was starting his retirement tour, 12 years and he was wore out from injury and illness but he had the kind of popularity that warranted one final goodbye to all the organizations that had used him.

Something special is always present in matches like that, there is no built in feud, or animosity; its just two men attempting to put on the most entertaining show they could. I looked everywhere but no link exists showing off the match they had however it was a phenomenal demonstration of technical submission oriented wrestling. Watching them I was drawn into the match, it didn’t matter that sometimes you could tell Nigel didn’t deliver the sharpest forearm shots possible, you could see him making up for it wrenching and twisting Eddie’s arms in ways that didn’t seem right. It was a phenomenal contest because you watched and found yourself completely absorbed in everything happening in the ring, the crowd, the chants, it was all background noise you contributed to because that was your part in the match, it was your role in pushing the contest to the next level.

Well I hope the people who made it to the end of this little piece enjoyed it, I’ll be the first to admit I am not at all versed in the art of blogging but I hope the effort hasn’t been a waste.

Matt Shoen


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