Artists for Peace

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is a division of the U.N. that seeks to promote peace through cultural dialogue. The major themes that they cover include Education, Natural Sciences, Social and Human Sciences, Culture and Communication and Information, with dozens of sub-themes within these.
One of the ways that UNESCO promotes its duties is through it’s Artists for Peace selection. These are “internationally-renowned personalities who use their influence, charisma and prestige to promote UNESCO‚Äôs message and programs.” As a sort of ambassador to the public, these artists work with UNESCO because they represent worldwide peace and development initiatives. The most recent Artist for Peace is Sarah Brightman, a British performer. She has outstanding talent in pop and classical music, dancing and acting. And besides performers, UNESCO has chosen visual artists, actors, architects, authors and more to purport their cultural exchange.

Here’s a link to Sarah Brightman performing with Andrea Bocelli: Youtube!

For more information on UNESCO Artists for Peace, click here!

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