More than Monet & Pollock

As a Fine Arts major, I have certainly taken my fair share of art history courses over the past four years.  Getting to know the work of the greatest artists in history provides students with a vast quantity of information.  More often than not I find that this knowledge is incapable of inspiring my own work.  Of course, I admit that imitating the work of your favorite master is always an enjoyable challenge.  I require a more contemporary source of inspiration to create my own work that is independent of the styles and themes of the classic artists like Claude Monet and Jackson Pollock.  I first began watching Art21 episodes during a digital photography class with Peter Nelson in order to familiarize myself with the work of Sally Mann.  The series put on by PBS showcases the work of all types of artists, grouping them in themes such as, “Spirituality,” “Transformation,” and “Paradox.”  If you crave knowledge of practicing artists from all over the globe or are in search of the inspiration these artists provide, then check out Art21.

Art21: Art in the 21st Century

Watch Place on PBS. See more from ART:21.


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