Happy Birthday Renoir!

As an Art History major, art enthusiast, francophile, and art editor of the Laurentian Magazine, I felt it necessary to celebrate Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s birthday today… his 170th birthday that is!!
Renoir is French artist of the 19th century who was a leader in the impressionist movement who often painted female subjects, celebrating their beauty and sensuality, while focusing on detail and atmosphere. He often depicted his subjects in candid environments, creating a more realistic depiction.
I studied him mostly when I was abroad in my “19th Century European Art” class, and this is when I realized that you can actually analyze his paintings using  a gender theory perspective — what is he saying about female roles in French society? is he presenting normative gender hierarchies to his viewer?

In any case, I love his paintings and find his works interesting.
So Happy 170th  Birthday Renoir!!!

by Sandrine M.

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