John Belushi died 30 years ago today.

As you all know, February 24th was the last day to submit to our wonderful magazine and I myself submitted a few pieces this semester. I looked through my portfolio of poems from a class last Spring and picked a few out, but not the following set. This set was inspired by the late actor and comedian John Belushi. At the time of writing said poems, after I’d finished reading his biography, compiled by his widow, Judy and author Tanner Colby, and wanted to express my feelings about his horrible death.

I wanted the reader to feel sorry that he’s dead, just as I felt when I read the biography.

It seems silly now, feeling bad about a man who died before you were born. But what can I say? The man made me laugh and still does.

John Belushi dressed as a bee skating at Rockefellar Center.

RIP Johnny B.

~Caitlin S.

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